Aquablue Salt Electrolysers BWT EES-SCCI2 80m3

Aquablue Electrolyseurs de Sel BWT EES-SCCI2 80m3 View larger

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Aquablue Salt Electrolysers BWT EES-SCCI2 80m3
AQUABLUE is a state-of-the-art salt electrolyser that facilitates and optimizes your pool's water treatment.

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Aquablue Salt Electrolysers BWT EES-SCCI2 80m3
AQUABLUE is a state-of-the-art salt electrolyser that facilitates and optimizes your pool's water treatment.

The AQUABLUE chlorine generator is a purification system for swimming pools. It has made a significant entry into the market in the United States, Australia and the Far East; it is now launched on the European market with additional useful equipment: LED screen.

AQUABLUE uses a very low salt concentration to produce chlorine used to clean up the pool and then convert it into regular salt. This process is repeated endlessly.

AQUABLUE automatically manages the amount of salt your pool needs and adjusts this one in all circumstances (intensive swimming, high heat, debris, leaves...).

When your auto-coverage AQUABLUE electrolyser reduces chlorine production.

Thanks to the special layout of its blades (IBT Technology), the AQUABLUE chlorinator adapts to changes in salt levels and extreme temperatures. This allows it to operate non-stop inappropriate and significantly reduces the power required for chlorine production. This extends its lifespan and facilitates the management of salt levels.

A control box and a cell that last.

The transparency of the cell allows permanent control of the condition of the electrodes.

A robust and practical cell.

New features :
LED display new design: The simple, user-friendly display makes it easy to control chlorine production.
Reporting malfunctions and protection of the system from extreme cases such as high salt content, short circuits and insufficient water flow.
Special protection against a high salt content.
Improved new design of generator cell offering more resistance against high pressures and a larger area allowing better water circulation and therefore higher chlorine production.

Composition of the AQUABLUE cell
Connection by PVC union fittings 16 bars, allowing easy assembly and dismantling.
Don't worry about it! No tools!
Thanks to its reinforcement ribs, the cell withstands pressure of up to 7 bars.
Unwavering resistance!

Main features of the AQUABLUE electrolysor
Suitable for swimming pools up to 120m3
Self-cleaning electrodes, by polarity reversal
Transparent cell body, allowing visual control of electrodes
Programmable "turbo" function with 6 programs tailored to your needs: 12 (default), 24, 36, 48, 60 or 72 hours,
Viewing data on the LCD screen
Control by sensitive keys
Displaying the level of salt available in the pool
Displaying the level of chlorine production
Salt production enslaved to water temperature: 50% to 15oC and 25% to 10oC
AquaBLUE's enslavement to the operation of automatic coverage
The cell can be installed horizontally or vertically
Works with a salt concentration of 3 to 3.5 grams/l
Setting 0-100% of chlorine production
Safety in the case of over-concentration of salt (10 g/l)
Anti-corrosive materials

AQUABLUE electrolyizer options:

PH CLEAR is a double-function acid pump:
-removes the limestone from the cell's electrodes, by automatically injecting acid, depending on the selected treatment program,
-allows a correction of the pH of the pool water.
PH CLEAR installs very easily. It allows the cell to be cleaned without disassembling it.
PH CLEAR ensures the life of your electrolyser

Aqua Control is the complete system for water treatment automation
Aqua Control is a complete and effective automatic processing concept. It combines a salt electrolyser (AquaBlue) with automatic pH regulation, equipped with a self-starting peristaltic pump, with a proportional dosage.

AQUA CONTROL consists of:
1 AquaBlue salt electrolyser
1 Proportional peristaltic pH regulation, with real-time digital pH display and end-of-bac or overdose alarm
2 Support collars - 50 x 1/2''
1 50-l.-storage bin

Weight: 30 kg
2-year warranty

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