Vertical heating TES 200 Trotec

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Vertical heating TES 200 Trotec.
A unique 4-in-1 device for fully automatic heating of the premises.

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Vertical heating TES 200 Trotec.

Vertical, awesome and a High Performence exclusive for four different applications
The concept of a basic device with variable versions of equipment - all "made in Germany" - makes the TES 200 the ultimate multifunction machine whose range of possible applications ensures a risk-free investment. With a calorific power of 18 kW, a continuously adjustable air flow of up to 2,500 m3 per hour and an adjustable temperature of blown air of up to 95 degrees Celsius, the TES 200 is exceptionally well-armed for many applications:

  • High-performance air purification and anti-virus filtering
  • Fully automatic heating of premises with or without AIR purification HEPA
  • Decontamination rooms in hospitals, rescue centres and fire stations
  • Thermal decontamination of parts and surfaces
  • Thermal decontamination of protective masks and PPE
  • Professional pest control

Professional automatic control for standard to special applications
Each TES 200 leaves the plant with various application programs for thermal decontamination, pest control, HEPA air purification and 360-degree space heating. They can be adapted as needed, for example in terms of room size, type and duration of treatment, and target temperature.

With the Standard DualDecon blowing hood, or optional accessories such as the hose connection hood or DualHeat blowing hood, you can flexiblely equip the TES 200 for many applications.

Thanks to the solid construction, solid wheels and adjustable handle, this vertical heating is perfect for rapid changes in the place of intervention. Simply put it in place, connect it to the power supply, choose the desired program and start the treatment.

Simplicity of use: The TES 200 is easily adjusted via a touch screen and integrated programs for heating premises, heat pest control, disinfection, HEPA H14 air purification or off-freeze security. These programs can be adapted to specific conditions, such as the size of the room, the duration of treatment or the target temperature.

Consistent distribution of heat: The particular shape of the slats of the two blow hoods - DualDecon and DualHeat - allows, thanks to their vertical guidance effect, to fill the room with a well distributed heat and to heat the air like the surfaces in a homogeneous manner. For heating interventions, the omnidirectional flow generates in each room an all-round heat without air current and, during decontamination, the hot air is absolutely distributed throughout the room, even in places that are difficult to access.

Thermal decontamination of the filter: Unique in the world - a Trotec exclusive: the TES 200 has an automatic thermal self-regeneration function of the special HEPA filter. At regular intervals, it inactivates all viruses retained by the filter, which is thus 100% "decontaminated".

Robust and mobile: The main switch, fuse and external thermostat connection are mounted between two stirrups to protect them from impact. Thanks to the solid construction, solid wheels and adjustable handle, the TES 200 vertical heating is perfect for changes in location. Just put it in place, connect it to the power supply, choose the desired program and start the treatment: that's it.

Practical benefits:

  • A unique 4-in-1 device for fully automatic heating of premises with or without AIR purification HEPA, thermal decontamination of premises, surfaces and equipment, professional pest control as well as high-performance air purification and anti-virus filtering.
  • A complete set of system elements perfectly harmonized for different applications
  • Professional quality "made in Germany" - original Trotec manufacturing

Application: decontamination

  • Mobile thermo-disinfector for flexible and efficient inactivation of microorganisms in ambient air and on surfaces
  • Target temperature for adjustable surfaces up to 70oC
  • Also effective against SARS, corona, influenza and hepatitis viruses
  • All-round inactivation, hence the absence of "white spots" as they can appear in practice with chemical disinfection performed by hand
  • Omnidirectional distribution of warm air for uniform heating of surfaces such as walls, cabinets, beds, tables, chairs etc.
  • Programmable time for target temperature action on surfaces
  • DualDecon: alternate implementation as a thermo-disinfector and professional air purifier H14 HEPA for anti-virus filtering between decontamination phases
  • 100% eco-friendly, without the use of any chemical or harmful to health, virtually no staff costs
  • Parts are reusable immediately after decontamination
  • 100% odourless and free of any allergens

Application: pest control

  • A 360-degree pest control with an effective automatic program: temperature rise phase with incremental air heating, active de-insecting cycle at ≤ 70 degrees Celsius, cooling phase
  • 100% eco-friendly, no chemical, no insecticide
  • Suitable for organic companies
  • High efficacy against all types of pests, regardless of their stage of development (egg, larva, pupa, imago)
  • 100% odourless and free of any allergens
  • No complicated authorisation procedures or legal obligations
  • No modification or dismantling work required
  • Target temperature for room/adjustable surfaces up to 70oC
  • Parts are reusable immediately after disinsecting

Application: HEPA air purification

  • Permanent air purification and virus filtering in high-traffic areas
  • Unique in the world - a Trotec exclusive:
  • Automatic thermal decontamination of viruses for the specially developed, heat-resistant, high-performance floating particle filter for the H14-class floating particle filter with a 99.995% separation for particles 0.1 to 0.2 m in diameter
  • Very effective air filtering with F7 pre-filter and MAIN HEPA H14 filter
  • Optional Flowstop panels for the regulation of blowing directions to send purified air to targeted areas as needed
  • It is possible to combine professional HEPA H14 air purification and ambient air heating to generate warm, clean air free of odor-carrying floating particles
  • Simplicity of use: fully automatic 24-hour operation that requires little maintenance
  • Resource protection: 100% environmentally friendly, no chemical, no staffing need

Application: heating ambient air

  • Fast and efficient heating of large volumes
  • Omnidirectional blowing hood with 360-degree action
  • The ability to connect existing textile air dispensers or ventilation systems
  • Flow blowing slats optimized for pleasant warm air devoid of drafts
  • Controlled power: by program as needed and by external thermostat
  • Clean, condensation-free heat, filtered air: ideal for closed premises
  • Combined implementation of ambient air heating and professional HEPA H14 purification for clean air devoid of smelly floating particles.

Technical features TES 200 Trotec
Ref: 1,410,000.180
Heat power Electric.
Maximum speed:18kW
Optional speed:27kW
Maximum output temperature: 95oC
Target temperature for premises/surfaces:75oC
Maximum volume of unfiltered air blown:2500m3/h 
Volume of blown air with HEPA H14 filter:1800m3/h
Radial - axial fans: yes 
Number of ventilation speed: 2
Network connection: 380 - 480 V/50 - 60 Hz
Maximum absorbed power 18kW
Nominal current absorbed 31A
Recommended Fuse: 32A
Contact sheet: CEE 32 A
Application area In: Decontamination, Air Purification, Heating of the Ambient Air, Pest Control.
Control panel: yes
Touch screen with hours of service counter
Continuous Thermostat
Guard-free air-to-air protection, removable filter.
Protection Index: IP44
Temperature detection in other rooms if connected to a ventilation system.
Automatic shutdown when the target value is reached.
Auto-regeneration function of the HEPA filter.
Adjusting them according to the parts.
Temperature/target value setting.
Filter replacement display.
Timer, Off-freeze function, Fan shutdown time,
Air distribution/ flow principle, omnidirectional.
Heated surface 360m3
Connectable to an aeration system: optional
Taken for external thermostat: optional, TAKE DIN, 7 poles.
Length: 69cm
Width: 61cm
Height: 130cm
Weight: 84kg

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